Sealing Off Genitals: The Bizarre Story of Rat Sex




Male rats have a few tricks that serve to increase the likelihood of their own reproductive success, and their main source of sperm security involves a mating plug.

Rat Family Is Perfect: Girl Loves Her 5 Rats | The Dodo

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The role of rat copulatory plug for fertilization.
“Artificial inseminations with either fresh RCP or epididymal spermatozoal solutions or the postcoital removal of the RCP was performed in normal female rats in estrus and in pseudopregnant rats (following relaxation of the cervix by faradic stimulation). “

One Weird Trick Female Animals Use to Control Who Gets Them Pregnant
“Males of many species place "plugs" after mating, blocking the entrance to the female's genitalic opening—possibly to limit sperm dumping, or to prevent competing males from mating with her.”

Wild Sex: The Science Behind Mating in the Animal Kingdom

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