Hammock Vs Tent Camping In The Rain




I Was given a hammock by https://www.warbonnetoutdoors.com And im not sure ill ever sleep on the ground again. Tents Are Grate if its nice out and your not alone but I'm thinking that i may be a hammock camper for life now. This is not a Paid Endorsement i made a video a while back to say thank you for the hammock so i don't ow them anything i just really love my Hammock. Best nights sleep outside ever and at this point i have sleep in it 8 days in row and a total off 20 times overall. I was sold that first time. When i slept in it and found out you can sleep flat and on your Stomach if you wish. In my mind there is no way the Hammock could ever beat a Tent again. Of course i say that now as a single guy some day i may have to rethink this position ;)

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What is the "30 Day Survival Challenge"?

Youtube Creators, Zachary Fowler (Season 3 Winner History Channel's "Alone") Fowlers Makery and Mischief, and Chris Thorn of Drop Forged Survival will be collaborating and Surviving 30 Days in the State of Texas.

Are there rules?

No rules, this will be a no holds barred Survival Challenge (As long as its Legal in Texas)!


The Guys will be periodically interacting with viewers via the "Youtube Live" platform. Giving you real time updates while they are surviving. A unique experience that's never been done before.

Post Survival Series:

Every day will be documented, Upon returning from the Survival Challenge, each Creator will Up-Load their own personal version of the experience to the YOUTUBE platform, Providing the viewers with 30 "episodes" on each channel. A total 60 individual episodes will cover their 30 day Adventure.

Below is the graphic design for the "30 Day Survival Challenge, Thats Cute" T-Shirt. Available in the second tier of the Rewards program.

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Wrist Rocket Slingshot, Old School Trick Shots (TST Ep. #14) Daisy , Marksman Wrist Rocket https://campofwonder.com/watch/CQrC1SSITIw
Are they ACCURATE or Lethal? Thought we would go Old school Trick shot This week So I dug out my old wrist rocket slingshot. As a kid i played with the old wrist rocket slingshot here and there but only became frustrated with its In accuracy. And when i hung up my bow in Favor of Learning the slingshot to take with me on History channel the Survival show Alone I went old school And bought A wrist rocket Slingshot. And once again the old frustrations return. And despite being A fairly well practiced Archer Accurate see with the slingshot alluded me. I had to ask myself was the slingshot to old school could it do the job in a survival situation. Before too long I switch to a custom slingshot With Flat band For greater accuracy. So it's been just about two years since I hung up the old wrist rocket. So I thought I dig it out And we go old school trick shot This Tuesday And find out If its the slingshot or the shooter.

Forging a Railroad Spike SLINGSHOT (Trick Shot Tuesday Ep.#12)

10 Most Awesome Trick Shots With a Slingshot ( Trick Shot Tuesday episode #13)
This is a compilation of my Best Trick shot With a slingshot. 10 Slingshot Trick shot countdown. Trick shot Tuesday top 10 count down!!!

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