Free Camping: 11 Days at Yellowstone & Grand Tetons




This video will give you locations and information on two free camping sites. The first is the BLM Carbella Recreation Area located just north of Gardiner at the north entrance to Yellowstone NP. It provides easy access to the park and also to excellent wildlife viewing (grizzlies, moose, wolves) at Tom Miner Basin. The second site is a USFS campground, also free, located on Grassy Lakes Road on the Snake River. This location puts you about 4 miles north of the entrance to Grand Tetons NP. At both sites there are vault toilets, fire rings, and picnic tables. Both are right on the water (Yellowstone River & Snake River). The USFS site at Grassy Lake is spotless with an employee showing up every morning to empty trash and recycling and check the condition of the restroom. There is a trail to hot springs located about a mile from the campsite. The springs flow into Polecat Creek which runs right past the campsites and into the Snake River. The springs make Polecat Creek tolerably warm (not ice cold!) Excellent free camping! Enjoy


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