How to fold t-shirt for vacation (ranger roll) - efficient, compact, space-saving army packing hack




I know people love folding their shirts in 2 seconds. It's all good fun, but not very useful when you're packing for a trip and looking for a compact, efficient folding method. Instead try what I'm showing you in this video. This is an easy, fast technique to pack your clothes real tight in whatever bag/backpack/suitcase you're using. In this video, I go slow and explain things, but with practice you can ranger roll really quickly. Also, check out my newer version of this tutorial where I show some shortcuts.

Learn to fold your clothes Army-style with this clever, neat DIY technique. In this video I explain how to Ranger roll a military tan T-shirt or any other shirt for that matter. There's also a newer version of this tutorial on my channel, where I add a few hacks to make this folding technique faster and easier if you're in a hurry. If you found this helpful, please give it a like and comment below, even if simply to say "thanks."

This will help you out bunches if you're fixing to go on a trip or PCS, or to basic training or any other military school. Either way, with a bit of patience you can pack your clothing a LOT tighter than you would with most other methods of folding. Super useful for air travel, road trips, camping, backpacking, survival, hunting, boating - you name it! Also comes in handy if you're just trying to organize clothes in your living space, closet, drawers, etc. (Check out additional tutorials on my channel for other clothes types: underwear, pants, shorts, and so on.)

Many people report that they save about 50% of space in their bag/backpack/suitcase when they pack this way. Don't believe it? Take a look at my comparison video to see how Ranger Roll stacks up again conventional folding!

Check out my other videos also. If you want more Ranger-rolling tutorials, comment and subscribe, and I might make them when I have time. Most clothing can be Ranger-rolled (socks, underwear, pants, etc.), so if you want to see something new, speak up! :)



T-Shirt Roll 2.0:

Ranger Roll vs Inferior Methods:

ACU Trousers Ranger Roll:

ACU Top Ranger Roll:

Underwear Ranger Roll:

Underpants Ranger Roll:

Patrol Cap Ranger Roll:

Green Boot Sock Ranger Roll:

Double Sock Ranger Roll:

Single Sock Ranger Roll:


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